Debt, creditors, and pushing food to the top of your budget.

Over and above holding your nerve, there are practical things you can do.

Debt full stop, can be dealt with, and when you start thinking about debt, its a good time to start thinking about food, because you need to start thinking coldly about priorities.

Debtline will tell you what your priority debts and bills are, I am fairly sure you will be familiar with which ones get priority in the endless juggle, if you are dealing with malnutrition, I think the type of budgetting most people think of is likely to be a fantasy to you. I would imagine for a few of you, there are so few creditors getting paid that holding your nerve really is all that is necessary to take back your income, but even then when you have put money into the meters that place themselves above you in your priority list, there isn’t enough.

Things linked to housing, the utilities that you need, things that can result in prison, things that are linked to assets you need, are priority debts. The debts that can have a material effect on you, beyond upsetting you with a letter, are the ones you need to concentrate on, and the rest can go hang. But before you can concentrate on them you need a budget which priorities the other things your household needs to run, because unless you treat the things your household requires to function full stop, you won’t even get anywhere.

Your household needs you to run, and you are entitled legally in most cases to prioritise your basic needs before duty to creditors, in much the same way you already prioritise your children’s needs. They need you. When you have malnutrition that right extends to telling creditors they have to take a back seat to your treatment of malnutrition. The purpose of this site is not to replicate what is done better elsewhere, through Citizens Advice Bureau or Debtline, and certainly they may not sanction the attitude I suggest…

Be up front with creditors. If you already have payment plans, contact them and tell them that your payment arrangements need to change. Explain that you have been diagnosed, which means you have a responsibility,,,,,

The figures creditors have to work with….

This section unfinished, awaiting template letters etc

By the time you have completed this process


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