2. Budgeting, debt and prioritising food over everything else

Holding your nerve

There is no way to dance around the fact that you are going to need food to treat malnutrition, and you are going to need enough nutritious food to get you back to health and to avoid more crisis, and it is very unlikely if you have poverty related malnutrition that this will be easy. You are going to need nutritious food from all the food groups, consistently, and at an uninterrupted, steady and increasing pace for about a week, possibly two.

In this blog, I have explored the very cheapest ways to do this, I am quite sure you have your own ways to save money, and your own methods. I cannot allow for your budget, but what I will say is this. There are times where you get hold of money, and this is a time you have to accept that your needs are an emergency. If you have to borrow and can do so without endangering life or limb or liberty, then do so. If you can NOT pay something or someone, put it off and cancel the direct debit,  if you can sell something, do so. Do not jeapordise the roof over your head, food for your children, or the *utilities you need to cook with, but everything else can be dealt with later. And you will be fit to deal with it for the first time in ages, and every day you buy yourself is worth it.

I wanted two weeks, but I had to go back to budgeting within a week and half of getting sick. In that week and a half, I had enough time to get half a stone in weight, bring myself to a healthy BMI,  bring me more or less completely back to health, to establish routines I have been able to carry forward, and to reset everything. To feel better than I have in years. Every day you can buy yourself at this stage will bring you benefits for months.

Everyone else needs to sod off, and you can take their crap in a few weeks when you have some strength. Forgiveness is much easier to get than permission and you can take your time about it.

How much to treat malnutrition? What will I need?

What will I need to buy?

Letters to creditors, and pushing food to the top of your budget.

List debt priorities, explain why you have the right to choose to eat, companies who will not respect this right, what to do about them, what to do with bailiffs etc

Letters to creditors and utility providers explaining changed amounts to be paid.

Dealing with malnutrition…

Getting appetite back.

*(facilities to cook are very helpful when dealing with malnutrition, if you can’t cook you need to learn even if you dont have facilities, because as you are finding out, in this economic climate, you’ll starve without that skill- youtube and the interweb is your friend)

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