7.Food and vitamin supplements

Food Supplements

Complan, Build Up, I don’t know the other brands. These drinks are not brilliant for lots of things, they are mainly wheatflour, they are quite sweet and they make you feel a bit icky sometimes. They have uses.

A glass of well made up, chocolate complan, is 376 calories and it is light and drinkable(actually really nice) and has all the vitamins and minerals you could reasonably expect of a very light meal. When you cannot eat, when you cannot muster it up to chew and swallow the food in front of you and your whole body feels like it would reject it, Complan is a good way to introduce calories.

They are quite expensive for what they are, and your doctor may prescribe them for a period of time to support you in treating this, they will not prescribe them long term and if you treat them as your main source of nutrition, you will ultimately not really get better. This blog is not about living with malnutrition, if you can help it.

When you are struggling to keep up your calorie intake, and you are still not at the point where you can guarantee to meet the amount of calories your body needs, they can bolster your efforts to hit the number of calories you actually need. They are a useful thing to have around for the days when there will be no money, or for emergencies.

They are also useful if you are at a point where you are not quite managing to deal with new feelings of hunger, and where you miss the point before you start the crash. A glass of complan is an easy way to do this, but nowhere NEAR the best way. These drinks are largely wheatflour and that much wheat flour makes even those who are skeptical about the whole ‘I don’t eat bread’ thing, understand. (A bowl of porridge, ready brek, or handful of nuts will make you feel much better and stop that kind of crash in its tracks, and cost less and make you feel a lot less shit).

The companies who make them do a very nice profit from the return ordering services of pharmacies, I am sure austerity will give them a boost. They won’t help you long term or as your main source of nutrition. They’ll just give you a new buying habit.

Vitamin Supplements

I am skeptical of the idea that your body can absorb such intense doses of vitamins, but I don’t think being snotty is a good idea at present, and at less than £3 for a pack that will last a month, I take one every day. Just a shit one from the chemist, with lots of dubious sounding science on the box, but I take it. It tastes slightly of fish.


I mention iron specifically because it is a very specific deficiency, it is worth paying attention to how much iron is in your diet,anaemia is very debilitating and can hang on longer than other deficiencies(which do clear up very quickly) the supplements don’t absorb very well and give you constipation, with black poo. Even if you don’t like leafy greens and dried apricots they are better than that.


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